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Claudia Edelman

Claudia Edelman

Claudia Edelman is Founder of the We Are All Human Foundation



Claudia Romo Edelman is a social entrepreneur, an inspiring data-driven speaker and a determined catalyst for positive change. A recognized speaker, media contributor and advocate, Claudia is a leader for diversity, inclusion and equity, focused on unifying the U.S. Hispanic community and promoting sustainability and purpose-driven activities particularly within brands, tech and the creative industries.


With an extraordinary background with global organizations, including the United Nations, UNICEF and the World Economic Forum, she has collaborated and worked on humanitarian causes for 25 years with organizations such as (RED), the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the Global Fund to fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.


Claudia is the Founder of the We Are All Human Foundation, a New York-based non-profit foundation, dedicated to advancing the agenda of diversity, inclusion and equity through developing and hosting regional and local events, conducting research and developing research pieces/publications, creating content and corporate activation.


She enjoys sports, traveling with her husband and two children, and speaks six languages.


What brought you to Davos 2019?

Two things, mainly. The first one has to do with optimism. I’ve been going to the World Economic Forum for 22 years now, but this time we wanted to do a kick-off reception to celebrate progress. We know there are many things that need to be done but we also know there are so many that are working out. So we need to celebrate possibilism, we need to remind ourselves that we can, that we have to keep working together because it’s working.

The second thing is to bring an issue that has never been discussed before in Davos and that is very close to my heart: the Hispanic community in the US. Many companies come to Davos every year to learn about business opportunities so I wanted to use my voice to make hispanics more visible. It is the largest growing population both demographically and economically and yet it is the most underrepresented, misrepresented and undervalued community.


What was a defining leadership moment for you in Davos that you would like to

document and archive for this project

The Hispanic event, the presence of US hispanics in Davos. For me, as a woman and as a latina, to be able to bring this issue that I care about so much through a panel, really means a lot. We as leaders have the responsibility to open doors, to make the invisible visible, make the silent loud and be able to speak about that in front of decision makers. Most people have been led to believe we live in a bubble where the air is limited and that we have to fight for it as a precious resource, but this is not true. If you bust the bubble you’ll realize that the air is unlimited and we can all coexist and share.


What is your personal motivation to advocate for women and girls in your work and


I am a woman, I have a daughter, I know that if you give women a chance we will be able to solve and advance in the Sustainable Development Goals at large. Gender and equity are personal to me in many ways, for example, I know that in my community latinas create businesses 6 times faster than any other group in the US, this is huge! But what does it mean? That we need a chance, we need opportunities, we need an equal ground. Times are changing and it motivates me to see that we are getting momentum and that we are not that far away of accomplishing what we want... but we sure need to keep pushing!

Where can people learn more about you and your key projects


Where can people learn more about you and your key projects

You can learn more about me and my foundation in ​​, we are also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. Send us a message, we are always open to new stories, comments and ideas!


It’s only by busting our bubbles that we will recognize what unites us instead of what divides us. Divisive language should not be louder than our voices.

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